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"Protecting my crew and VIP clients from germs, viruses and bacteria is our highest priority."

Michael Cooke, Founder & Managing Director, Avcair Pty Limited

Avcair Testimonial Avcair Testimonial (162 KB)

"...have found them to be responsive and flexible to our requirements at all times"

Ben Hogan, Engineering Maintenance Manager, Tiger Airways Australia, Pty Ltd

Tiger Airways Testimonial Tiger Airways Testimonial (72 KB)

"... I have found Permagard Aviation employees to be skilled and professional in their approach"

Peter Cawthorne, Operations Manager, Customer Experience, Line Maintenance Operations, Qantas Airways Limited

Qantas Testimonial Qantas Testimonial (74 KB)

"Turn around times are much quicker, the jets look beautiful and we no longer damage our paintwork by cutting and polishing."

Jet Continental, Monaco

"Based upon my own calulations on a test flight of a Cessna 172s Millenium I concluded an increase of cruise speed from 125 to 129 knots once the aircraft had been Permagarded. Aside from the cruise speed the aircraft is considerably easier to keep clean."

Peter Ness, Norronair Services, United Kingdom

"Time is critical to us. Permagard saves us a lot of time on the ground cleaning our Sea King our business time saves lives."

Norwegian Air Force, Search and Rescue, Norway

"Permagard manufacture an aviation paint protection system that provides a protective polymer film that actually bonds to the paint work. It provides a barrier that makes cleaning easy but also protects aganist ongoing hydrocarbon build-up..."

David Radoczy, Network Aviation Manager from Channel 9

Channel 9 Testimonial Channel 9 Testimonial (43 KB)

"Paint Preservation - a money saver?"

From Australian Aviation

Australian Aviation Testimonial Australian Aviation Testimonial (137 KB)

"Early indications indicate a 2-5% decrease in fuel flow"

John Dyer, Chief Pilot from News Limited

News Limited Testimonial News Limited Testimonial (53 KB)

"... In all five categories of testing, Permagard out performed what I considered the best industry leading certified aviation products."

Clive Backhouse, Managing Director, Eye for Detail Aircraft Services

Eye For Detail Aircraft Services Testimonial Eye For Detail Aircraft Services Testimonial (266 KB)

"A testimonial to the real benefits Permagard has on the Rolls Royce of the air...A Global Express"

Rob Boag, the Gandel Group of Companies

Gandel Testimonial Gandel Testimonial (30 KB)

"I wish to endorse your product having had Permagard applied to our aircraft for one year and recently completing our first annual service treatment..."

S.J.Rowell, Chief Pilot, CPH

CPH Testimonial CPH Testimonial (175 KB)

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