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Cyclean® Engine Wash

Permagard Aviation is now an official supplier of Lufthansa Technik’s revolutionary Cyclean® Engine Wash Technology in Australia.

Permagard aviation will be launching a new exclusive engine wash service in Melbourne early next year utilising Lufthansa Technik's revolutionary Cyclean® engine washing technology.

Permagard is a CASA part 145 approved organisation which has recently been successful in expanding their scope of approval to include aircraft engine washes.

The approval includes but is not limited to the following engine types:

  • V2500-A1
  • V2500-A5

  • CF34-3 /-8 /-10
  • CF6-50
  • CF6-80C2 /-E1 /-A2
  • GE90-110 /-115
  • GEnx-2B

  • CFM56-5A /-5B
  • CFM56-5C
  • CFM56-3 /-7

  • RB211-535 /-524
  • AE3007
  • BR700 / 715
  • Trent 500 / 700 / 800 / 900 / 1000 / XWB

  • PW4000-94" /-100" /-112"
  • PW2000
  • PW120 Series; PW150
  • PT6

Cyclean® units are already in operation in over 20 countries worldwide with over 40,000 successful washes performed to date. The unique design allows operators to clean their engines quickly and efficiently without the need to blank engine bleed and sense lines.

In addition, there is no requirement to perform post wash engine runs which provides significant savings in fuel and maintenances costs for the operator.

The Cyclean® technology

Contrary to conventional engine wash methods which use large amounts of water, Cyclean® utilises a dual nozzle 360° arrangement which sprays pre-heated water (to 70°C (160°F) at 65 bar (943 psi) directly into the core engine.

This provides a fine, evenly distributed amount of atomised water through the engines gas path. The amount of water injected is optimised for each engine type. This ensures efficient cleaning of the compressor and at the same time minimises the amount of residual water remaining within the engine.

The advanced equipment ensures easy preparation and short washing times without the need to perform costly post engine wash runs.

Cleaner engines run at lower temperatures needing less fuel and therefore emit less CO2 and other harmful greenhouse gases.

The improved overall performance achieved saves real money on MRO expenses during the engine's life cycle. In addition, using Cyclean® for your engine washes reduces workload, avoids costly and time consuming towing (engine washes can be performed directly at the gate) and yields less waste water.

Thanks to the significantly reduced amount of water and its high precision, pinpoint injection, run-ups become obsolete which allows greater flexibility and more opportunities to perform the engine washes. 

Please contact us for further information on this exciting new service to Australia.


  • EGT margin improvement up to 20°C (36° F)
  • Fuel flow reduction up to 1% (Maintenance costs decrease due to higher on-wing time)
  • Greenhouse gas emission reduction
  • AMM or a faster, customised EO Procedure for Engine Washes
  • No post wash run-ups required
  • Overall service time for each engine is less than one hour (using our faster, customised EO procedure).
  • Human error reduction due to the precise programming of the Cyclean® unit designed to cater for the specific engine types selected.
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