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Almost any exterior painted surface or gel coat can be treated and protected permanently with our exclusive reactive plastic film coatings, whether it be those surfaces that you see and notice every day, or those that maybe you don't pay so much attention to, like under the wing of a Jumbo jet for example.

We care deeply and passionately about the quality of our technology, which we continue to develop and test both in Europe, Miami and around the world. Our coatings are continually tested by external agencies to ensure they comply with the vigorous standards required, especially in aviation for obvious reasons.

We are equally passionate about the quality of our service and workmanship. Our technicians are fully trained and expert in their knowledge and skills, and it's unlikely you will find standards that exceed ours elsewhere. It is for this reason that you will only find accredited Permagard applicators being allowed to apply Permagard coatings.

Permagard's high gloss environmental protection barrier, formulated from patented biodegradable components continuously neutralise and repel airborne contaminants which can stain and etch into the paint surface.


We recommend all aircraft in Australia are treated with professionally applied, aviation certified, protection coatings to avoid damage to exterior painted surfaces on the aircraft due to corrosion, extreme temperature changes, intense UV exposure and oxidation.

Permagard's factory-made aerospace coatings utilise our high performance reactive film technology for the ultimate protection of all aircraft types.

Effective and powerful anti-oxidation functionality keeps your aircraft in super-gloss pristine condition for an extended period which means less down time needed for cleaning and more time to fly.

Fuel consumption will be reduced using the Permagard Reactive polymer programme due to the low-porosity, fine surface finish which will aid in reducing drag friction forces.

How does Permagard work?

Once the Permagard coating has been professionally applied to your aircraft, it chemically bonds to the painted surface completely insulating and protecting the new paint from the extremities of the environment. In effect the coating completely seals the paint from the atmosphere and the damaging effects to paint associated with flying conditions in Australia.

The Permagard coating will protect your paint for its lifetime on your aircraft, if maintained correctly.

Rejuvenation and Protection

Aircraft and their paints that are not protected from new can be restored completely to new in most cases, even if the paint is dull and oxidised.

Permagard's unique rejuvenation and protection technology, specifically developed for the aviation industry, is so effective that it is used exclusively by Qantas, Virgin Australia and Jetstar to rejuvenate and protect tired or damaged paint on their fleet of aircraft.

What is the rejuvenation process?

The rejuvenation process involves deep cleaning of the paint surface to remove all contaminants using specialised environmental cleaners before it is assessed by a technician whom will then ensure all micro-scratches, swirls and marks are filled in or removed. Permagard is not a wax and there are no cutting compounds or abrasives, such as diatomaceous earth that reduce the original paint thickness, which often promotes faster oxidisation and more frequent polishing. The polymer coating adds a protective layer to the paint without any change to the molecular structure of the paint itself, extending the paint life well beyond the paint manufacturers expectations.

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