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Press Releases - Automotive

Permagard Vehicle Protection

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Permagard is Australia’s premier provider of high quality finishing touches that add longevity and protection to vehicles. The automotive range includes the popular Permagard Paint Protection, Permagard Window Tint and Permagard Antimicrobial. The European-based company’s products are part of the only aftermarket vehicle protection program that has been approved by Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific and has proven to be in demand with transport corporations all over the world. Among them, Permagard can boast of associations with the likes of Boeing and BMW. Permagard’s range has met some of the most rigorous industry standards and utilises high tech scientific advances in the development of their products.

The Permagard Paint Protection is a long lasting high gloss finish that safeguards the paint exterior of a vehicle and makes it even easier to clean and maintain. In the absence of proper care, a car’s paint job often deteriorates with age and exposure to the elements. Permagard’s advanced polymer structures is a multi-layer coating that is capable of repelling dirt and pollutants, which reduces the need for washing and waxing.

The Permagard Window Tint encompasses heat and UV deflective technology is used to protect passengers. Features include a significant reduction in UV exposure and reduction of glare by up to 55%. The premium tint application uses extremely durable non-reflective films that have in-built scratch resistance. Window tints are certified by the ARPANSA (Australia Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety) and come with Protection Factor ratings of 450+ and 500+. There is a national lifetime warranty for Permagard Window Tint applications.

Permagard’s Antimicrobial Shield is an established essential for vehicle owners. With studies suggesting that vehicles, especially those that have been pre-owned are a haven for bacteria, Permagard Antimicrobial Shield is the sound choice for those wishing to maintain a sanitised interior. The Shield forms an invisible barrier that instantly eliminates harmful microbes present. Non-toxic and safe, Antimicrobial Shield works by “cell wall rupture technology”, a method that kills pathogens by piercing microbes’ cell walls. Permagard’s Shield, technically a mechanical method of eradicating microbes, means that not even superbugs are immune to destruction on contact. Taken together, Paint Protection, Window Tint and Antimicrobial Shield is a comprehensive way to ensuring the durability of your vehicle as well as maintaining a sanitised, comfortable and safe environment for vehicle owners and their families.


Written By The Zine

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Permagard Window Tint Films

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Permagard Window Tint Films; all the facts from the National Operations Manager.

Permagard now proudly boast a Window Tint Program which is unparalleled in the marketplace today. Permagard window tint films are the only window tint films approved by Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific.

See below features and benefits;

  • The Permagard Window Tint Film Range is manufactured in a state of the art facility incorporating the very latest generation 4 carbon based polyester materials.
  • The Permagard films are black in colour making them a close fit to the privacy glass found on a lot of vehicles today.
  • Permagard use highly durable non reflective films which come with a tough scratch resistant coating far surpassing that of any competitor on the market.
  • All Permagard Films are non metalised ensuring absolutely no interference with radio or cellular transmissions.
  • All Permagard Films have been tested for over 10 years in-house in a spectrophotometer (Weather Accelerator Machine), with absolutely no deterioration at all. Industry standard is 3-5 years however to ensure our range lasts the test of time, we have tested 10 years. In house testing results have confirmed that Permagard Films out perform all competitors on the market today.
  • Permagard has conducted Light Meter testing on our complete range to ensure our films meet the National Legal requirements factoring in Manufacturer Tint in glass.
  • Permagard Films all come with certification from ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) with Protection Factor readings between 450 & 500+. Most competitors claim only a 50+ SPF.
  • The Permagard Films are available in a complete range to suit the needs of all customer requirements, with Privacy Film on commercial vehicles, darkest legal, mid strength and clear films which still offer great UV and heat resistance.
  • Permagard offer a premium Infrared resistant film (Stratosphere) which offers unparalleled levels of heat reduction and driver-passenger comfort. Infrared or IR is the heat we feel on our skin that gives us that burning sensation.
  • Permagard offer 2 options with our Nationwide Tint Programme Supply & Fit & Supply Only.
  • Only the best Tint Fitters are sourced for applying Permagard Window Tint, guaranteeing superior quality every time.
  • All Permagard Films are backed by a Nationwide Factory backed lifetime warranty against fitment & product failure.
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Richards and Bergmuller

Friday, March 14, 2014


Porsche Carrera Cup Australia: Round 2, Friday , Race 1

Steven Richards has ended Warren Luff’s winning streak in Porsche Carrera Cup Australia by taking Race 1 victory at Albert Park as James Bergmuller claimed his first Elite Class race win.

Luff was victorious in all three races at the season opening Clipsal 500 and claimed pole position for the opening race at the Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix.

Richards gained the lead from the start and, after a close tussle early in the race, pulled away to be out of reach of the series leader by the chequered flag, winning by 1.6 seconds from Luff and Nick Foster close behind in third.

“I had a good race with Luff for a few laps towards the start. I’m really happy with the result and it’s great to get our first win of the season,” said Richards.

“Luff obviously had a great weekend at the Clipsal 500 so at some point we needed to be crawling some points back. It’s crucial we do it as soon as possible as he is no doubt going to be pretty consistent over the year.”

Shae Davies and Michael Patrizi had a race-long battle and finished in fourth and fifth from Craig Baird, Nick McBride, Michael Almond and Sam Power in ninth.

Smollen was the first Elite Class driver to finish, placed 10th, however a post-race five-second penalty for a jump start dropped him behind Bergmuller in the race results, with Smollen dropping to 11th from Tony Bates, Roger Lago, Stephen Grove and Renee Gracie in 15th.

Bergmuller was happy to get his maiden Elite Class race win and feels it is a step in the right direction for this season.

“I’m absolutely rapt with that result. It was totally unexpected,” said Bergmuller.

“At the beginning of the year I was aiming for a top five result in the Elite Class. After my Clipsal 500 podium I reassessed and now we’re looking toward greater goals and potentially even the championship. So far it’s looking alright.”

Duvashen Padayachee finished 16th after a spin at the start from Marc Cini, Ash Samadi, Brenton Ramsay, Adrian Masrondardo and Dean Koutsoumidis in 21st.

Two drivers failed to finish: Maurie Pickering incurred damage after contact with Ramsay and Tony Walls made contact with a concrete barrier late in the race.

Porsche Carrera Cup Australia will hold Race 2 tomorrow at 12:50pm and its final race of the weekend on Sunday – both to be telecast on Ten and One.

Race Schedule
Saturday March 15, 2014
12:50pm Race 2
Sunday March 16, 2014
2:05pm Race 3

Click here to download the press release from MOTORSPORT.

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