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Press Releases - Automotive

Permagard Vehicle Protection

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Permagard is Australia’s premier provider of high quality finishing touches that add longevity and protection to vehicles. The automotive range includes the popular Permagard Paint Protection, Permagard Window Tint and Permagard Antimicrobial. The European-based company’s products are part of the only aftermarket vehicle protection program that has been approved by Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific and has proven to be in demand with transport corporations all over the world. Among them, Permagard can boast of associations with the likes of Boeing and BMW. Permagard’s range has met some of the most rigorous industry standards and utilises high tech scientific advances in the development of their products.

The Permagard Paint Protection is a long lasting high gloss finish that safeguards the paint exterior of a vehicle and makes it even easier to clean and maintain. In the absence of proper care, a car’s paint job often deteriorates with age and exposure to the elements. Permagard’s advanced polymer structures is a multi-layer coating that is capable of repelling dirt and pollutants, which reduces the need for washing and waxing.

The Permagard Window Tint encompasses heat and UV deflective technology is used to protect passengers. Features include a significant reduction in UV exposure and reduction of glare by up to 55%. The premium tint application uses extremely durable non-reflective films that have in-built scratch resistance. Window tints are certified by the ARPANSA (Australia Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety) and come with Protection Factor ratings of 450+ and 500+. There is a national lifetime warranty for Permagard Window Tint applications.

Permagard’s Antimicrobial Shield is an established essential for vehicle owners. With studies suggesting that vehicles, especially those that have been pre-owned are a haven for bacteria, Permagard Antimicrobial Shield is the sound choice for those wishing to maintain a sanitised interior. The Shield forms an invisible barrier that instantly eliminates harmful microbes present. Non-toxic and safe, Antimicrobial Shield works by “cell wall rupture technology”, a method that kills pathogens by piercing microbes’ cell walls. Permagard’s Shield, technically a mechanical method of eradicating microbes, means that not even superbugs are immune to destruction on contact. Taken together, Paint Protection, Window Tint and Antimicrobial Shield is a comprehensive way to ensuring the durability of your vehicle as well as maintaining a sanitised, comfortable and safe environment for vehicle owners and their families.


Written By The Zine

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