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Permagard Window Tint Films

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Permagard Window Tint Films; all the facts from the National Operations Manager.

Permagard now proudly boast a Window Tint Program which is unparalleled in the marketplace today. Permagard window tint films are the only window tint films approved by Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific.

See below features and benefits;

  • The Permagard Window Tint Film Range is manufactured in a state of the art facility incorporating the very latest generation 4 carbon based polyester materials.
  • The Permagard films are black in colour making them a close fit to the privacy glass found on a lot of vehicles today.
  • Permagard use highly durable non reflective films which come with a tough scratch resistant coating far surpassing that of any competitor on the market.
  • All Permagard Films are non metalised ensuring absolutely no interference with radio or cellular transmissions.
  • All Permagard Films have been tested for over 10 years in-house in a spectrophotometer (Weather Accelerator Machine), with absolutely no deterioration at all. Industry standard is 3-5 years however to ensure our range lasts the test of time, we have tested 10 years. In house testing results have confirmed that Permagard Films out perform all competitors on the market today.
  • Permagard has conducted Light Meter testing on our complete range to ensure our films meet the National Legal requirements factoring in Manufacturer Tint in glass.
  • Permagard Films all come with certification from ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) with Protection Factor readings between 450 & 500+. Most competitors claim only a 50+ SPF.
  • The Permagard Films are available in a complete range to suit the needs of all customer requirements, with Privacy Film on commercial vehicles, darkest legal, mid strength and clear films which still offer great UV and heat resistance.
  • Permagard offer a premium Infrared resistant film (Stratosphere) which offers unparalleled levels of heat reduction and driver-passenger comfort. Infrared or IR is the heat we feel on our skin that gives us that burning sensation.
  • Permagard offer 2 options with our Nationwide Tint Programme Supply & Fit & Supply Only.
  • Only the best Tint Fitters are sourced for applying Permagard Window Tint, guaranteeing superior quality every time.
  • All Permagard Films are backed by a Nationwide Factory backed lifetime warranty against fitment & product failure.
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