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Press Releases - Aviation

Permagard Aviation completes Qantas A380 Deep Clean and Disinsection programme at Qantas Jet base, Melbourne, Tullamarine Airport

Thursday, May 07, 2015


In June 2014 Permagard was contracted to carry out a deep clean and Disinsection program on the Qantas A380, the flagship of the fleet.

Gearing up for this enormous project required a dedicated team utilising specialised cleaning tools and processes. Some of these tools were locally manufactured in house by Permagard specialist Staff.

Permagard’s representatives were initially overseen by team leaders from the Qantas Sydney cleaning crews, however, we soon adopted some of our own efficiencies to produce an even better result

The A380 is a long haul aircraft, with passengers spending extended hours on the plane, leaving the aircraft with a great need for a thorough clean at the end of each trip.

The A380 requires approximately 70-80 man hours to carry out a deep clean and disinsection per zone. The aircraft is split into three zones with the upper level being the most challenging due to its size.

Our specialised team, managed by Andrew Bojczuk and led by Jack Leonello, followed strict guidelines working within the Qantas procedure and quality manuals and overseen by Permagard senior management.

Much co-ordination is needed to undertake a project of this magnitude, and it all starts with excellent communications. From contacting Engineering to determine aircraft staging area for undertaking this process, to contacting catering to ensure that all the galleys have been decanted – ready for a thorough clean, and also the fleet presentation team – ensuring that all items such as pillows, blankets and magazines have been removed from the aircraft. With timely co-ordination, our teams were highly effective and efficient in swiftly executing the requirements of the job without delay.

Similarly, aircraft were timely in being returned to service, always within and exceeding customer expectations by consistently being made available ahead of time.

Permagard’s A380 cleaning team is first class and setting the benchmark for current industry standard, always leaving an unmatched standard of outcome at the end of the day.

This is endorsed by the engineers certifying for the completed tasks.

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